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information_clearing_house_banner_1This is a pretty long read, but I felt strongly drawn to post it, as it has detail upon detail about what’s going on behind the “Everybody’s in China” scenes. Here’s a highlight or two.

“A big item on Xi’s agenda — he was in on the Pacific economic forum, too — was the recent launch of an Asians-only lending institution intended to rival the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank affiliate doing the West’s work in the East. Being entirely opposed to people helping themselves advance without American assistance and all that goes with it, Washington used all means possible to sink this ship…

“…All that we have read of this past year, events taking place in the name of democracy and a better life for Ukrainians, comes to this. “The economy?” Hinterkoerner concludes. “What economy?”

“With the prospect of ending three and a half decades of pointless hostility…

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