The New Divine Humanity

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When you Look in the Mirror What do You See?

Do you see Flashes of an Old Belief System, pass through your Awareness?

Do you see the Sadness of a Life of Regrets?

Do You See what you DON’T Want to See?

Do you See wished unfulfilled? A Body Not Matching What you Desire? Emptiness? Anger?

Pause and take a few minutes, to breathe deeply and reflect on these Questions, allowing yourself to go even deeper, into YOUR OWN Awareness.

Breathe slowly and deeply, CONSCIOUSLY. Slow down, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be, simply Present with what arises.

Entering the No mind (the silent mind) allows the free flow of Pure Awareness to BECOME your experience.

Close your eyes for a few moments, See Yourself as Your Immortal Body of Light, Breathe deeply into your Heart Space. See a Golden Flame inside Your Heart, where you exist as…

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