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Maria Schlange Isaisweiher

Many of the churches have spheres with antennas on their tops and a Goo stone under the altar. Those are technologies used on purpose since hundreds of years. The sphere-antenna technology is actually a Vril-free-energy-technology sending and strenghtening the emotions/informations that are being created in the churches and amplified through the Goo stones. Emotions are the most powerful manifestation tool. In most of the cases emotions created in churches through the misuse and in the name of Jesus Christ and Maria are variations of fear, shame, guilt and suffering, sadism and masochism despite the good intent of the visitors. The crucified Jesus Christ hanging directly under the sending spheres indeed shows very visible what the masses experience on their own skin, blasphemically in the open, yet staying unrealized (the true message of Christ was that he wanted us to understand that we are creators). The energy of the catholic rituals…

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